simpson strong-tie

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The Job

I joined Simpson Strong-Tie to primarily assist in creating UI/UX for the front-end of web applications. I was also lead web designer for web app prototypes, software icons, and various landing pages for marketing campaigns.


Apr 2014 - Jan 2015


Construction, Manufacturing


  • Web Applications
  • Landing Pages
  • Web Design
  • Icon Design

State: Completed


In creating the web app UI Design, there was no way to access the back-end code to fix the functionality as it was in Everything was much more labor-intensive. The other design projects: the landing pages, static pages, and social media designs I didn't face any real issues with those.


To solve the web app UI Design issue, we wrapped every element in a "div" then targeted those blocks with JQuery and Javascript to create functionality.

Digital Media Toolkit

Social Connect - Landing Page

Graphic Design

Product Page - Before

Product Page - After